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OT: Lima Company "Combat Diary" Marines on A&E

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I watched this last night on A&E. It was hard to watch. I feel nothing but love and respect for these kids. We are losing our future over there and I don't think the guys that make it back will ever be the same again. I'm not trying to start a big political arguement here, I just hope that our President and the people he surrounds himself with watch will this show.


To all my bros here in our little FX forum that have served, are serving, or plan on serving our country in our armed forces I would like to say THANKS!


Regardless of your politics, your opinion on the war........next time you see a guy in the guitar store in his cammies or at a restaurant, KNOW THIS: This is a person that has a family, wife, kids, parents and at any time this person might be in harms way and he /she might die in combat. Thank them for what they do, buy them their strings or dinner or whatever you can but THANK THEM!


my 2 cents:)

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