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Anyone have an empress chorus/vibe yet?

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Need a little time here, folks... my rig isn't in my bedroom so I don't get to play every night... initial impressions (mono only) are very positive but I don't want to post yet another Honeymoon rave review, so...

I will say the vibrato mode sounds beautiful and the range of chorus effects possible FAR surpasses my Analogman Clone... but in an hour or so of tweaking I didn't find the "perfect" setting for my rig/ears... the Clone is certainly idiot-proof, in that respect. I think the Empress will take more time to fully comprehend. And I need to hear it in >.

I promise a full report next week! :thu:

Nitefly-- you should definitely buy my Memory Lane before wasting hard-earned dough on a chorus pedal. ;)

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