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Good covers for 3 pieces?


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For a drummer, bassist, and a guitarist.


We write our own music, although we use covers for warmups and for fun. Lately my band is stuck playing the bajillion Nirvana covers we know. We're into 90's alt rock like Radiohead and Pumpkins. Also, I sing the songs and I'm a baritone (though I'm more like a Yorke than a Cobain, my bassist usually does Cobain songs better) so nothing too crazy in the vocal department, though I can change keys on some of em.


So a list a few for me, and list some for other people in the same situation. :)

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My Band is a three piece....

Heres some weve done.

Cream - White Room, Badge, Outside Woman Blues, Spoonful, Im so Glad, Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Pearl Jam - In Hiding, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter, Better Man, Given to Fly, Long Road....

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Chambers Bros - Time Has Come Today

Sublime - Santeria, Smoke Two Joints

Police - Message In A Bottle

Weezer - Say It Aint So

Allman Bros - Midnight Rider

Beatles - Ive Got A Feeling

The Who - The Seeker, Squeezebox

Phish - Charachter Zero

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

RHCP - Soul To Squeeze

Hendrix - Hey Joe, Voodoo Chile (slight return)

Mad Season - River Of Deceit

Mellancamp - Pink Houses

Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash

3 Dog Night - Shambala, Never Been to Spain

Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome, Waters Edge, Lucky, Over Your Shoulder

Tool - Sober

The Band - The Weight, Up On Cripple Creek

Bob Dylan - Subterrainian Homesick Blues

Carolines Spine - Mrs Sullivan, Trio Pain

Steelers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle

The Zombies - Time Of The Season

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic

Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion, Dream On

Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself...

Yes I realise alot of these are cheesey but what the hell... its what people wanna hear... so {censored} it.


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