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  1. 6 KIDS! I have four and I think I'm gonna keel over and die sometimes. There must be a lot of love in your family. Best of luck with the sale. Beautiful guitar.
  2. Up on Ebay... Super rare pedal! Thanks for looking! http://www.ebay.com/itm/200835810925...84.m1555.l2649
  3. I dont even know what to say to this, Allon.
  4. Originally Posted by nolla I will trade you two 1990's DS-1's and a photo album of me at the beach in a speedo. Also I am from Italy so it will take two years to get you the speedo album. Also I am a prince of Nigeria who needs you to cash a check for me at Western Union. You may keep all profits after I win the civil war in my home country, Uganda. Also, does this come in Saffron Yellow? Let me think about it.
  5. Excellent condition. One of Way Huge's rarer offerings. Very difficult to find. This is an early serial number/pre screen print box. More desirable than the later ones (there were only 100+ made) Offering this up for trade offers. Not for direct sale at this moment. What's out there, guys?
  6. hahaha.. so self righteous... Where's the shame in attempting to break even? I'm not profiting on it, now am I... Anyway, I'll accept offers. Trade or cash. If you aren't interested, cool. But you don't have the right to shame me.
  7. my thoughts exactly.. why would you do that? It was a benefit auction for Tsunami victims. All the money went directly to a family that was affected. Any other questions, I dunno, related to the actual pedal?
  8. FT: Skreddy Dognitive Dissonance mkIII Skreddy Zero Skreddy Pig Mine All dead mint with all the fixings. Want: EQD Rainbow/organizer El Cap A special wah.... RMC3 maybe? Squier mustang, Tele, strat, jazzy.... Low wattage toob amp. Keyboards/synth Diamond Compressor Coily cables try me.
  9. Great seller. This pedals KILLS on a Rhodes/Wurly as well.
  10. This was Marc's take on a mk1.5. Sounds glorious. Mojo parts, gashpaint paint One of a kind. Would sell outright for 700 (what I paid brand new) or trade for interesting pedals, guitars, amps, keyboards etc.
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