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this is absurd


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im the one that bid $1000. im going to sell it in the spam thread for $150- because its controversial.

step 3: profit.



I'm always sayin' that....


"you know, that clay jones overdrive, it's quite the controversial pedal. Kinda like the death penalty or gay marriage."

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Just ran across this post on the diystompboxes forum. This is a post from Clay in regards to the CJOD:



"Thanks for the kind words. It's really still hard to believe the amount of flak I've caught over this thing. I've been humiliated over it, threatened over it, accused of many things over it. The original idea for it came from a thread on the DIY site just after the ampage split. I went by a psuedonym at that time and I hesitate to say what that name was because I had a lot to learn about netiquette and I'm always afraid someone will remember and say "oh, that prick was you?" The thread was uncannily connected in an odd way to a commercial pedal I was tinkering with at the time - not a Boss or Ibanez... but a commercial name which most people associate with "crap". I meant it to be a limiter but when I finished it it overdrove on some settings in a weird sing song way. Other settings sounded run of the mill blah. I reworked it several times and then I posted a link to my schematic and asked for comments and I think I got 17 hits and no comments. It just died like so many "check this out" posts do. I buried the thing in a box and it sat there for years before this other thing happened. In the meantime I had removed myself from the internet entirely. I went back to building and restoring amplifiers. I was "done with pedals" - (I wonder sometimes how many others have thought this same thing Smiley)


Jack fits in here simply because without his hard work which he's freely given I would still be in the dark about a lot of this. In spite of some criticisms I appreciate his calculators, RC rolloff grids, mu amp work, tech info. etc. His CD is always in my player. I consider the mosfet booster to be the best "effect" I've ever had. It struck me as just so unfair as the reputations and clout of his copycats grew at his expense. All I tried to do was give him a little something back instead of being just another guy secretively using him and profiting from it.

As hard as this is to believe - and it is to me considering my entire "product line" (as if) consists of one pedal of which there is only a grand total of maybe 58 - I've been solicited several times for interviews/reviews. My response has been something along the line of "If you guys really want to get to the bottom of what's happening with this stuff go interview Jack Orman or RG Keen or Aron Nelson or numerous other guys who have really made an impact in the world of effects building. Thank you but I have nothing to say". The lack of discernment "out there" about what's happening "in here" or inside these boxes is staggering. No concern for the unfolding history of this stuff or the circuit origins or the influential teachers or the massive amount of raw straight up cloning going on. Any swingin' dork with a soldering iron and either the perserverance to forum spam or a well placed endorsement can play pretender to the throne. (Damn it, I've told myself a hundreds times I'd quit this editorializing but it just keeps coming out).


Lastly, the aftermarket prices are completely out of my control. A report of the highest aftermarket price I've received was in the ballpark of $1500 to a Japanese buyer. I charged $219 per pedal. I still don't know why I picked that number. I sold 50 pedals. It took me 9 months to complete the build. I dreaded almost every minute of it. I'm just one of those guys who can't stand to build the same pedal twice. The money I made I donated to 5 guys who have helped me understand this stuff better through the years. Jack was one, another was an MVP on this site and the remaining 3 were personal friends not internet effects connected who, taken together, have probably over 100 years of hard core professional electronics/chemistry know how. They are my own personal "RG Keens". I bought a '79 Tokai Springy Sound ST80 strat and I bought my wife 2 dresses. The rest of the money was given to a Mission which provides a food bank. Other than the Tokai, I kept nothing for myself. I covered the initial parts cost out of my own pocket. It was just something I determined I'd do from the beginning, I closed my eyes and I did it. I have no idea whatsoever why I decided this.


My major regret is that I just simply forgot to donate directly to Aron and this site. That won't happen again.


The good news is that the Tokai is the best strat I've ever played...

and, after all these years, my wife still looks pretty in her dresses.




Now if it's cool with you guys I'd just like to drop the whole thing and let it go."

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