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  1. This is a really cool service that you're putting out there, dbon. Subscribed. I've got some head-scratchin' to do about what kind of kit I'd like to have built. I'll be in touch soon.
  2. Have: Fralin P-92 (noiseless P-90.) 8800 winds. Want: Fralin Twangmaster w/9000+ winds, TV Jones Classic, Classic +, or Magnatron. Bridge spacing preferred.
  3. Holy {censored}, if I had $450...
  4. If I'm ever feeling down in the dumps, I pick a random Youtube video and read the comments. By the second page, at most, one of two things happens: I laugh uncontrollably at random stupidity, or I get so mad that I forget that I was feeling bad. Retards on YouTube: Better than Prozac!
  5. Racism will never be defeated until it stops making people money.
  6. Boss has started using One-Spot sized wall warts. Hopefully everyone will follow in their footsteps. Damn huge assed wall warts are contributing to the heat death of the universe.
  7. In this order: 1: Wash hands. 2: Stretch. 3: Give mental thanks.
  8. Have the softcase... Everyday I wish I had the hardcase. Ditto.
  9. Some people have mentioned that it sucks a bit of high end. I've rarely noticed it, but if you're playing gigs, you're not even going to notice at stage volumes. This. I almost got rid of mine because of the high end suck, but I'm glad I didn't. At gigging volumes in a band mix, the loss is negligible. It's my go-to delay for everything. I love all the tones on it, even the reverb. Especially the reverb. I also have an expression pedal controlling the repeats/oscillation, which I use all the time. Beautiful delay.
  10. I can tell you they do not fit accurately into a standard PAF-style aperture and it seems odd that you can see into the guitar through the sides. This was my experience as well. I didn't care for the sound. Too clean, in a bland sort of way. They were dead quiet, though, so props to Lace on that one.
  11. Compromising leads to spending more in the end. Picks make a huge difference; as do strings. I only need one channel. Less is more in most situations; especially when referring to gain and tube amp wattages. If you're losing interest in your amp, then it's time to change the tubes. I'll agree with all this, except the last one. I've yet to lose interest in my amp, so maybe I just haven't gotten there yet.
  12. Some of you have a very cynical and snobbish attitude toward your audiences. For indie credz.
  13. Aluminum hollow body Firebird, built by Electrical Guitar Company. 25.5" scale, 22 fret neck. No face markers, side markers only. Fralin pickups: Strat-style in the neck position, Tele-style in the bridge. Skyway tremolo. Master Volume Master Tone Three way pickup select Series/Parallel switch In/out of phase switch Killswitch (pushbutton, for stuttery stuff) Saving cash now.
  14. i saw the new version has a bob dylan tune on it... how the {censored} do they expect us to shred to dylan??? what a waste of cocaine. lewlz
  15. {censored}. There was a pedal at NAMM that was three delay circuits in parallel. I can't remember who it's from...
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