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Ahhh just had a 3 week break from gigging and that allowed me just enough time to buy sell and trade all sorts of pedals and guitars.






Here is my new pedalboard! Signal chain goes as follows



Ernie Ball Volume ->Boss TU2 (tuner out)

Morely Bad Horsie

Line 6 MM4 (rotory, tremolo, phase 90, and chorus presets)

Boss SD1

Ibanez Tube King (marshall in a box baby!)

Boss GE7 (lead boost)

Boss DD20

Boss FS5U (tap tempo for DD20


This goes into my Fender Twin Reverb RI amp.

Now I use to have my MM4 at the end of my signal chain, but when I turned on my overdrive the sound SUCKED!! Especially the phaser and rotory. I have no idea why its doing that. the only difference is that it is a different MM4 (i sold it, but then i missed it too much and bought another one) I am using two Godlyke pedal power addapters and the pedal board itself is 33.5x15 inches. Built it myself strait from lumber and carpet from the home depot. I got just enough room to fit the receiver for the X2 digital wireless that is next on my list!! I need to get you guys some sound clips soon! It sounds great! and it all fits nicely in my 34x16 road case.

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