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Boost/overdrive suggestions needed


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So, after that long thread, for now, I'm just going to get a boost and call it a day.


I just an Orange Tiny Terror. I like the actual tone of it, but I'm so used to the 5150... I changed out all my pickups for medium-output ones to suit the 5150, and now the Orange doesn't saturate like I expected it would... It seems to let the gain "sit on top" of the initial tone, or around it, rather than saturating or being inside it, and it's a bit looser sounding (this wasn't an issue when I tried it at the shop because I used an M-I with an X2N and a Kramer EVH, I guess). The main guitar that has this issue is the Xaviere, which I kept with stock PAFs so I'd have a more classic-sounding guitar. So, should I change pickups or get a boost?


Would the LPB-1 do what I need here? I really don't want a distortion pedal, it really does just sound like the gain sits on what's currently there rather than saturating inside it. Any help? Under 50 bucks for a boost would be great, used included, which is why I though the LPB-1.

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