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Boss FT-2 review/confusion


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Any FT-2 users out there?


my findings (for the sake of it)..


i was looking for an unusual filter effect, something a little out of the ordinary but i'm disappointed that it doesn't do that envelope filter 'folding in on itself' kind of sound. it just sort of opens up or down, depending on the mode, in a really fast vocal kind of way.


my pickups aren't massively high output, but even with a little big muff or valvetone running in front of it, it doesnt really chomp on the sound like the DOD envelope filter i had a while back.


the impression i get is that its working with less of a frequency range as it closes/opens than a 'proper' envelope filter, which bubbles into lower frequencies as it closes. (a la radiohead.. "palo alto" etc)


it doesn't feel right playing it with a funk style either. it comes across like a really odd, love it or hate it kind of effect.


I bought it after finding an AW-2 which has a really cool auto-sweep sound which sweeps slowly like a phaser across a decent range of frequency, and was hoping it might have had a similar 'hidden' sound that not many people use.


i think it's a case of it just not being useful to me, but i'm dissapointed because i was hoping it was a sleeper like the AW-2.


some reviews mention it sounding like a mutron filter. i wouldn't know, but if it does, it doesn't make me want to drop 100's on a mutron.


who still uses this kind of effect, and for what kind of music?!

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The AW-2 is a sleeper? :-/



imagine rocking a really subtle wah pedal really slowly up and down with a ton of reverb and delay after it.. it reminds me of sounds on "subterranean homesick alien" by radiohead a lot. its just a bit different to a phaser and more interesting to listen to. i want to get a looper with a mix knob on it though because the AW-2 lacks a wet/dry mix which would make that pedal one of my favs at the moment.

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