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pedals to replace podxtl

the dixie dredg

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I'm not gonna go tell my story of trying to work with the podxtl. Basically, when I first bought it I wasnt good enough to tell how bad it truly sounded. only when i started playing things that required a bit more expressiveness and dynamics (the first song that really showed me this was 'stash' by phish which i was learning to jam with some friends) did i the sound start to annoy me. i hate how there is the same distortion character to every note you play, whether you pick with your thumb or your right upper canine. and i just cant get a creamy thick sound out of it. this led me to buy the rivera m60, and though i have questions about the state of the amp (some weird things going on with the tube sockets) the sound is just miles ahead, though much less versatile. i have decided to sell the pod xtl, and it seems like if i'm lucky ill be able to get maybe 300 for it on ebay.


what are some pedals you guys think you guys think would go well withe the rivera m60 (an older model, with the 1 marshally, 1 fendery channels). sounds im looking to cop and build off of: trey anastasio in general, and if everyone's heard the band a.c.t. that guitarist (although maybe its more his playing than his tone), and i also love the distorted tones of opeth. i guess any famous smooth lead tone is also in there, satriani, petrucci, some steve morse--it seems like the rivera can get me good rock rythm tones but the leads just dont sustain/cream enough. sounds a bit too edgy maybe.


pls keep in mind that i am a high school student and my family is not too well off financially and i dont wanna spend more than i make from selling the pod. maybe 3 good quality pedals that can cover alot of ground.

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Don't give too quick, it is a good unit and it may be able to work with your new amp. Try shutting off the amp models and just using the effects. Also try setting the output to "direct" if you haven't done that yet. That drastically changes the EQ and response of the amp models. When you are using amp models and stomp box models start with all the eq at neutral (which is usually straight up^)


Another thing to think about is hanging on to the POD and getting good OD/Boost pedal to go with it. The Digitech Bad Monkey is a good OD pedal to goose your amps lead tones and can be had for $40 new. The Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer is the go to pedal for some of the greatest players in the world and can be found used for good deals. Danalectro FAB pedals go for $15 dollars new and come in Metal, Distortion, Overdrive, and more. Behringer pedals are decent sounding pedals and are very $$ friendly.


There are tons of different pedals out there, if you are really set on selling the POD and have about $300 to work here are some MF links to some decent pedals:








Good luck, welcome to the forum!



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