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Loop Pedal in Stereo??


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Hey everyone, I've been looking into purchasing a loop pedal but this is the catch. I want to use it for live purposes only. I'm in a 4 piece band (2 guitar, 1 bass, drums), and in one of our songs, we have a keyboard part playing for the first 2 minutes. We don't wanna bring along a keyboard everyshow just for the 2 mintues. The effect on the keyboard has a delay on the right speaker only. I would load the keyboard part from my computer into the pedal. So basically I'm looking for a pedal that will be in stereo and I can only seem to find mono ones, except for the big boss pedal, but something like that is not what where looking for. Any imput would be appreciated, and if you need more information of what I'm talking about, feel free to ask. thanks

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