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  1. Originally Posted by ben_allison Came across this... Welp, that looks better
  2. Originally Posted by ben_allison As someone who's been an expert Photoshopper for half my life, I disagree. At least, it's not obvious. The "edits" you're referring to could easily be the result of jpg compression and upscaling. It could still be fake... or it could be a mock up. Companies do this more and more instead of taking product photos over and over. Having done a bunch of work for Apple, I can tell you that they often use mocked up illustrations, not actual photos, of their products. If you're looking at a "photo" of an iPhone or iPod on their site or in an ad, it's almost certainly a mockup. I call it a fake because it looks like someone took, in an editing program, a pencil matched to the blues background, and went up and down up and down underneath every single setting name to cover up the name that was there before. do you really not see that? It's not blatantly apparent, but apparent enough that it looks like a kid using Ms paint.
  3. you can clearly see photoshop/paint edits. fake.
  4. I ordered mine on the 19th and today got an email status update saying awaiting shipping. Little over a week? I'll take it.
  5. Honestly, we just got back from there for the first time, but the newly renovated Washington Park in OTR is a great little walk. A block up north from Central Ave on Elm.
  6. aside from food, any more sites or things not to miss as suggestions? It's very hard to suggest things when you have a small amount of time and already things you are planning on doing that are within time slots.
  7. If you're going to be at the Levee (and walking over the bridge to the stadium) you could also check out Tom + Chee.
  8. Keep in mind at GAB there is a dollar stand where they sell smaller popcorn, hot dogs, and sodas all for 1$ a piece. It's the bottom floor behind the seats of 1st base. I forget the name of it, but if you are snacking...go there.
  9. Start towards the bottom and continue on following pages for some happenings around town this weekend: http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/events.from.07-19-2012.to.07-19-2013-
  10. Eat Skyline, just because it's what you're supposed to do. You will love it or hate it, there will be no middle ground here. I love it, but I get the coneys instead of the spaghetti stuff. As far as other eating places - Montgomery Inn is supposed to be delicious barbeque (never been though), and Terry's Turf Shack was on Food Network for their burgers, which are fantastic. Haven't been to a ton of other places since we are usually busy visiting family while we are there. The history museum is pretty cool, it's in the old train station which is a Frank Lloyd Wright building. I was up there to visit the in laws recently and they had a super rad Pompeii exhibit. The art museum is much better than expected as well. Montgomery Inn is well known here, true, but ribs are not the best. Good food though. The salad with house vinaigrette is wonderful, as are the pork chops and wings. Out of the burger places I mentioned eariler, Terry's is by far my favorite, followed by Arthurs, Zips, Gordos, Habits, Flipdaddys. If your lady is pescatarian I think there is a crabcake sandwich/burger or something at Terrys. Flipdaddy's does have a few veggie burger options as well, namely a portobello burger (or probably just sandwich) Don't eat skyline...there really isn't anything to it. If you are coming to Cincinnati, my favorite coney/chili place is Dixie. There are a lot over on the KY side of the bridge. Gold Star does offer Vegetarian chili/coneys though. Last weekend was a busy weekend here. World Choir Games were wrapping up, as well as Bunbury Music Festival, Italian Fest over in Newport, and the Reds games.
  11. Shadeau Breads schnecken (on Main) is supposed to be as good as the old Virginia Bakery; its a heart attack in a pastry! Graeters Choc/Choc chip was good in the day, in a Turtle Sundae. Cincinnati, in general, sucks though Gross, Graeters blows.
  12. I heard someone mention recently it was about a month for them.... maybe less now? Either way, I found mine from one of their retailers. The shipping even cost less through the retailer than it would've if I had ordered from Strymon. Didn't even think about that... well, oh well. How's everyone been?
  13. Sugar and spice and melt are on the list Are they near downtown/ ballpark area or the music shop? S&S is about 10 from downtown, Melt possibly 10 as well. Music shop is about 5 from downtown.
  14. ordered. First bought pedal in quite some time. Whats the typical wait on these puppies?
  15. Older DOD's are possible there, but I don't know what the stock is currently of stuff, haven't been in in awhile. Breakfast places - Sugar n Spice (whispy thin pancakes, sweet potato waffles...mmm) Bluebird Resturant (dive joint) Grand Finale Half Day Cafe My favorite lunch/sammich place is Melt, it is Vegan/Vegetarian as well as some meats (also has breakfast) Pizza I really enjoy Adriaticos Mexican food but delish would be Nada There are a lot of Indian/Thai places all over as well. The BonBonerie Bakery & Cafe for any desserts, or Aglamesis Bros for ice cream. Also, for froyo there's Yagoot. If you want to browse ratings/reviews, feel free to check out http://cincinnati.metromix.com/ However my 2cents, defintely hit Melt. Also, if it is open and you want to go to the Farmer's Market and walk around or buy some organic stuff or whatever, check if Findlay Market is open in OTR. I've never been , but a lot of people rave about Bakersfield OTR for food as well.
  16. I live in Cincinnati, playing a show Sat night. Depends on what food you like for my recomendations. {censored} the chili. We have a ton of gourmet burger joints that are outstanding. As far as pedal shops you don't have much to chose from. There is a place off Vine in Cinci or a new one in Covington called Mikes Music http://www.mikesmusicohio.com/ that sells some sweet vintage gear and such, but if I want pedals from a shop I drive to Lexington or Louisville.
  17. Have I already missed the Space/BSR/WET/Flint comparison threads or comparisons to others trems as well? I love some deep verb with the space, and crazy trem with GK....but I really just want amp like verb and amp like trem that can sound real, deep, or subtle.
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