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I want a pedalboard - any recommendations?


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Now that I'm starting to build up a pedal collection, I think it's time I get a pedalboard.


Now, I know exactly what I want in a board, but now I'm just wondering about how I should get it.


I'm looking for a board to fit all of my EHX pedals (as well as future EHX pedals I'll probably buy), as well as my Ibanez pedals (Tone-lok series - shaped similarly to boss pedals).


However, the one thing that's an absolute must, is that I want the cables to be able to be hidden. I don't like seeing a mess of cables everywhere.


The board doesn't even need to be a powered pedalboard. Basically, just something I can put my pedals on so that they're nice and neat.


Anyone have some suggestions? Would I be better off going the DIY route?

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