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So...I was saving some presets and building my tap tempo. I decided while I was at it to plug in my deviever (e13) peep expression pedal.







It's really cool, because you can watch the numbers (parameters) rise on the screen dsiplay as you get closer/further from it.


I originally got the peep for my ekko 600, but it wasn't working with it...but now....wow....I can do so much more. This is really awesome. The cool thing is, Since I have a mighty bright light on my board, it should keep the same amount of light on at all time, so the expression works to it's fullest ability.



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Man, I remember wanting to try the peep with my DL-4 so bad. Do you still make them, Devi? Anyone ever figure out if they're compatible?

I think that's such a cool idea...



I tried a PEEP with the AM-4 (amp modeler) and it didn't work, though I think I remember someone saying differently on the DL-4, though that doesn't really make sense to me.


I'm compiling a list right now of what I've used it with and hopefully more people will write with their info soon :



I have a few available right now if anyone wants to email me. Will be building more in the next week, so definitely email me if you are interested.




Or build your own :


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Devi, any idea what is needed to make it work with the Malekko?

I'm still waiting for the 2 peeps i ordered a few weeks back.... :ticktock:

They were shipped out. Send me and email and I'll find the tracking info for ya. devi@deviever.com

The PEEP might actually still work with the Ekko, you just have to fine tune the feedback knob to the right place for it to be reactive.

Otherwise I have no clue. :confused:

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