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NPD- Small Stone and FAB Distortion- initial impressions


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Well this christmas I got a small stone and a fab distortion, which are both brilliant devices IMO.


The small stone is fantastic - nails that Radiohead tone perfectly. Not much to say about it... it sounds like a small stone. :idk: I like it a lot, but only on clean. With dirt I think it sounds rather awful either before or after (before is better for more dirt, after is better for less), but I'm not worried about it because I only plan on using it for clean passages anyway.


The FAB distortion I was really surprised with. All the controls function like I thought they would, no abnormalities (is that a word?) or anything. The gain does spike a little bit from minimum to 2 or 3, but eh. My favorite setting on it is with the gain on minimum, the tone at about 6, and the level about 7. I think it's a great low-gain device. I won't be using it for high-gain that much, but it does work well in that position as well. A steal for $20 or whatever! It also blends relatively well with my mesa boogie f-30's gain channel.


Overall they're both keepers for sure, unlike my SMMH, Bad monkey, or SCH-Z. Ick.


I also got these: ff_ia50431.jpg, except with leather instead of canvas. Limited edition! Love em.


And this: post-418829-1140256824.jpg


And this: temp142.jpg (all 3 bourne movies)


I'm enjoying my new items a lot. Merry Christmas everyone! :wave:

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