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Old SPX-90 Reverse Gate effect - anything new out there that can do that?

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When I was a kid, I had an old Yamaha SPX-90 rack mount for delays and mod effects. The thing switched like crap, a big glitch every time you switched patches, but the algorithms themselves were pretty cool. One of my favorites was the good old reverse gate.


It made it sound like you were playing backwards with a creepy reverb effect.


Anyone know of some modern rack effects that can accomplish this? I was looking at the TC electronics G-major and stuff like that, but it doesn't look like it can do that. Not too many years ago they had an SPX-90-II.


Anyone have any recommendations?


I'm pretty much down to just my POD Pro XT these days and it can do everything pretty much, except that!

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The Lexicon MX200 has reverse delay and reverse reverb which can give you that backwards kind of sound. It's an excellent-sounding unit and only costs around $200.


That lexi looks fantastic! The price is right too! Gonna put that on the list!


Although in looking around I see two other effects I can't do now, a sort of delay hold, or sampler type patch and an aural exciter. The SPX units seem to have that, but man, $800 as opposed to $200 for that MX200.


Decisions decisions!

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