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Prologue: So I've been wanting a Stratocaster lately with a vibrato that I can actually use without the guitar going out of tune. I was looking for one with a Floyd Rose because that seems like the obvious solution, even though I don't really want a locking nut and fine tuners to deal with (plus Floyds are kind of big and ugly).


I've also been gassing for a Stratocaster with Lace Sensors as I use to have one with a Lace Sensor Red in the brige position and liked the sound. Apparently, the stars were aligned perfectly because I came across this one while searching ebay.


2003 Fender Standard Stratocaster w/ Hardshell Case $400.00


Upgraded with:

-Lace Sensors (red, burgandy, blue)

-Two point vibrato

-Sperzel locking tuners

-LSR roller nut



It was fate I tell you.

The trem cover will have to go, of course, and it seems to need some pickguard screws but...











Apologies to orangesix.

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