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you're the first person i've seen that also has a pearl octaver. that's some kind of good mojo for me today!

ive had 3 of them and gave two of them away here on HCEF in raffles. I got them dirt cheap in Nippon.

The flanger? i found it to be weak, didnt like i too much...thats me though:)

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nice..ive debated those moogs forever. ive listened to them tons of times, i can one or two of them without breaking the bank, but you know, i just dont find they really thrill me, and i dont know why...

I tried the Ring Mod first and was hooked from there.

IMO... if you do not plan on using the CV jacks, there are option that are alot cheaper, and sound almost as good. (I think each fooger sounds superb)
If you want CV.... they are the bee's knees!!!

Once you start messing with voltages, you really unlock some real mayham within the pedals that no other effect box can touch.

If you never want to use expression pedals or CV... look elsewhere.
I know you are a ZVex fan....I have owned and since sold three different Vex effects. After awhile, they wear out. (the sound)
Metasonix will kill Vex. (in the distrotion FF area)

It is all a matter of opinion though.... when it really comes down to it, there are so many different boxes and life is too short to really try them all.

I do enjoy my Moogers though. :love:

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