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NPD (EHX Contantzzz)

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So I'm getting the last pedals for my board, replacing old broken or junky stuff.




XO Octave Multiplexer


So I used to have a big box OM. In my opinion, the XO is so much better... better and smaller case, and while my old one ceased function so I cannot a/b... id swear this one is a hair louder/has less volume drop. also i think this one may also track a hair bit better. I have to say this is the best sounding analog octaver you could get, regardless of price, and it's probably all due to the nice hi and lo filters. no other octaver I have tried can really mimic a bass (the only one I have a feeling could is maybe a POG... not micro pog, but i dont have any experience with it and how the LP filter sounds on it). the OM is just nice warm analog smoothness. i was jamming with a buddy yesterday, and if you have the OM into a big amp wit headroom (in this cse i was using my friends twin!) and you are going to jsut get a bunch of delicious 'ooooooooooom'. oh yeah. basssssssss








Holy Stain


So I needed a reverb pedal, this looked like the cheapest, and had all these random features. This is definitely a QUIRKY pedal. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they came up with it, but I think they were probably thinking 'lets take the features of an amp and make it into a pedal. oh yeah, and we are on acid'. i mean most full featured amps have reverb and tremelo and can also be dirty. so is this pedal.


so you have volume and tone, a switch for clean/fuzz/drive, and a color switch for bright/dark/warm. the colro switch only effects the fuzz and drive settings. in clean you can get a very mild clean boost with volume at max, and tone control has a solid range form bass to treble. the drive and fuzz settings sound pretty similar, the fuzz is jsut noisier. they are both kinda muddy and sucky. the only thing they are cool with really is to mix with the tremolo setting.


then you have your mix and amount knobs, which are different for the 4 different modes


ROOM REVERB - the thing i dont like about the reverbs is they have a really like sparkly metallic decay... ug. so you can try and mellow it out with the tone control. but that also effects yoru dry signal too, so its hard to find a good medium. now maybe its jsut my taste though about the sound of the reverb. i mean, its reverb, and i still like it. it sounds liek my friends ac15 reverb. or something. maybe. mix is mix, and amount is like the length of the reverb


Hall Reverb - sounds almost the same, but has like a longer pre-delay or something. oh yeah, the mix can go 100% wet, so its kinda nice for the hall setting with its longer predelay cuz at 100% wet its sort of a volume swell thing


Pitch Shifter - this is the most random part. mix is mix, and amount is the pitch... 4th below or 3rd above. itsd kind of stupid on its own, but you can plug in an expresion pedal to control the pitch. at first i thought it was stupid but its quirky and if you take time to be creative you can do some neat things. sort of some interesting lap steel bend thingies. sort of. or pitch shift yourself up a little dissonance. lame thing is, the pitch shifted signal has a bit of latency (maybe 50ms? or so or less or i dont know) so its kinda weird. when you have the pitch not really shifted but in tune with the dry signal its almost this weird super short slapback or chorus or comb filter effect.


Tremolo - this is a quirky tremolo. it doesnt go super choppy, its more like amp tremolo, but as you increase the speed (which is the amount knob) it also adds reverb. whihc is weird and you may not like but it does sound pretty cool and indie. it reminds me of this song by one of my favorite bands



click the song Awkward at the Store. i dont think they used a holy stain, but the sound is similar.


oh yeah, you can control the rate of the trem with Exp pedal (the exp pedal controls Amount knob in all modes, so it also control the length of reverbs)


so it will suit my needs for trem for indie tones for the most part. the only other trem sound i would want is super choppy. so maybe a catalin valcoder or some shiz.



So its q quirky pedal but for less than a Ben ill take




I'm gonna make a video of it and my new reel echo... probably in a week after i finish assembling my finished board.


someone give me a loop station my wife says she misses it

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I think they were probably thinking 'lets take the features of an amp and make it into a pedal.



Sounds about right, and the pitch shifting was probably an approximation of a tremelo/whammy bar. The BOSS PS-3 also has the latency problem. 100% wet pitch shift is nearly unusable for standard playing styles, but it's great to blend in with the original signal, or to use for volume swells, eBows, or fuzzed-out leads.


I have the big box Octave Multiplexer, and I quite like it. I like to place it in the effects loop of my QTron + for some super-boing action. It is seriously fat.

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