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Anyone compared a Eternity to Sd1 to OD3?


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my impression was that the SD-1 is better pushing other pedals / amps that it is by itself, whereas the OD-3 is more usable on it's todd. Am rite?




The Eternity and SD-1 are both TS varients, while the OD-3 is not.


The Eternity and the SD-1 are better at "pushing" for solos because of the boosted mids they provide. I believe each has more gain on tap than the OD-3, as well (I know the SD-1 does). Never played the Eternity, although the clips I have heard sound great if you prefer the TS type of OD sound.


I still prefer the fat, round sound of the OD-3. It can boost other pedals, but more by filling them out (works well with my rat). Sheraton II--> OD-3--> AC30 is my baseline tone. I think the OD-3 works so well with the AC30. Its much more natural and full, while the SD-1 would be too bright unless I had the tone control set at 8 o'clock or lower. If you lower the dirt and crank the volume the OD-3 can serve as a very good clean boost as well. I use it all the time. I could never get my SD-1 to do this because it thinned out the tone too much regardless of how the dirt was set.

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