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Checklist for 2008


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About the only things left on my list for the year are a Cornish NG-2 (should be ready in August or September-ish) and a Way Huge Aqua Puss. I also wouldn't mind a new guitar. Probably a semi-hollow Gibson or PRS? I need something with some hums on it.

I can check off a low watt, light weight amp in my Victoria 20112, a small collection of BJFEs (PGC and HBOD), quality cables and patches (all Cornish), and a KOTv.4.

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Christmas and B-day haven't come yet, but here goes...

Tele: check
Good reverb: check
Tube amp(s): check
Bass amp: check
Analog delay: check
Good tone: check
Texas specials for strat:
Cutaway acoustic/electric:
Fuzz: tried a few, the search continues...

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All I need after today?


Monsterpiece - in the mail, or should be soon

New amp footswitch - month or so

New strap - talking with a dude in Oz who makes some really nice simple custom stuff

New guitar body - being made

New pickguard, Floyd - will buy

Stainless steel refret - in the future


After all that, I'm done for good, sans possible amp flipping when I move back home.

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here goes

gear splurge : done (march)
gear purge : done (april)
gear re-acquirement : complete (july)
new amp : done (april)
acoustic : incomplete

pending stuff
boost (need to decide on an ulbrick megalodon, keeley java or a bsm treble boost)
wah (??)
fuzz (peachfuzz)

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