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NPD: Zoom Tri Metal!


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This is little pedal is just so BroooTal! I can't imagine playing again riffs from Sepultura and Pantera. Got this from Ebay at $90 mint with box and manual!

















The knobs are really responsive. I noticed that the Gain knob also adds treble when you go past noon so you need to tweak the Mid and Range knob. This pedal can also do punk grunge sound if you crank the Mids and set the Gain at 9 o'clock... and I couldn't even go past 12 on the distortion or it will be total MAYHEM! This is totally worth the hype! Oh and it dead quite too! I will A/B later the EHX Metal Muff...

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I tried so many High Gain Pedals and this is really one of the best! You can get a really brutal and ballshaking sound out of this one...

Congrats on your new pedal...


Thanks man... I hope you'll sort out your issue with BC Rich. :thu:

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a while (3 years or so) back i bought one mint for 40 shipped. i then sold it for 50 shipped. has there been a huge demand for these recently? what am i missing


Yeah, for a metal pedal, Tri Metal is fantastic. This will never stay in my board though, just for personal chugging moments. Is there a built in noise reduction chip inside this thing? Silence is killin me... :lol:

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Love my Tri-Metal. Took it out of my chain today to save it for a recording project later in the year, I worry about it getting damaged or the components drifting since it's all SMD and I don't think I could fix it.


Right now, the high gain pedals in my chain are:


Danelectro Cool Cat Metal

Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone

Danelectro Wasabi Distortion

Damage Control Solid Metal

Zoom Tri-Metal


Although anyone who has read my posts knows that there have been a lot more travelers along the way. These are all keepers, though the Cool Cat Metal and the Fab-Tone live behind a 7-band EQ to bring out their potential.


The Tri-Metal is one of my all-time favorite distortion pedals, combining the potential for genuinely over-the-top gain with eerie silence and a great, MkIIC-MkIIIish dryness when configured correctly. Roll back the bass for monstrously tight bass, don't ever let the bass go above noon if you want to preserve the tone of your guitar without overpowering everything. Everything about the pedal is "less is more," it's got the capability to go beyond the pale in every direction...

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