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NPD! Z.Cat Polyoctaver 2 (short review)


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I had a few hours time to mess around with it today.


First impression on it was when I a/b'd it with the HOG set to octave up/down that it is brighter, not so plasticky and overall more pleasing to the ear. I was very surpriced how good the octave down set 100% wet sounded. It actually sounded very much like a real bass guitar compared to the HOG octave down that sounds nothing like it. Propably because the PO2 has a rounder attack to the notes on the octave down. The tracking is clearer and cleaner, it doesn't really sound like an organ when the two octaves are set high. More like a bass guitar playing along a 12-string, the mix of the three has a lot of room/air to it.


The hall reverb on it is pretty nice, has a lot of room for adjustment. I had the reverb on around 9 o'clock to get to my normal amount for leads. Over that is just way too much for me.


The chorus sounds pretty nice and lush. Didn't mess around too much with it.


The effects aren't listed on the Zcat website, but the price for the PO2 (89 euros) is the same as for the old versions that only have either chorus or reverb. I also bought the Blender parallel looper which worked just the way I wanted. The price for the Blender was 50 euros. No bleed when the knob is set 100% dry. Both are true bypass, the knobs and overall workmanship is high quality.


Clips (not mine):

Octaver, reverb and chorus

Octaver and chorus


Octaver with od



I hinted to him about the standalone freeze/gliss pedal, he said he'll look into it if it's possible for him to make. :)

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can anybody tell me what enclosures these guys are using?



The Boost (seems to be the same enclosure) is exactly the same size as my MXR pedals. Except the corners are sharper than the MXR's. Also seems lighter but might be because there are not many components in a booster compared to a comp and delay.


Hope it helps:idk:

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