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Is this a feasible true-bypass looper?

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Back before i got my TimeFactor, I built a BYOC digital delay in a larger box with an in/out for an effects loop that would only apply to the wet signal, so that I could put my Cool Cat in there for modulated delay sounds. The box has one 3PDT switch to activate the delay AND one 3PDT to turn that loop on/off. It works well and has just been sitting in a backpack for years.


Now I'd like to have a TB looper for my Dano French Toast fuzz cuz the only reason i don't use it is that it mucks up my clean signal and there's no room in the little box/circtuit board to add true bypass. Does it sound feasible to fiddle with the wiring in the delay pedal's switches to make it so that the 3PDT for the loop selects:


A. the loop is applied to just the delays




B. loop is applied to the whole signal REGARDLESS of whether the delay is on or off?



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