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Belated NGD!


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So I've been a bit jobless while I was finishing my Masters, and promised myself a little "done with Masters and happy new job" present. I actually had it on layaway at Guitar Center just waiting for me. Finally, this Monday, I got an interview and the job offer the same day! I was tied up Monday and Tuesday, but was able to head to GC to get it Wednesday. Here's the only shots I have for now (more on that below):




2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro in Honey Burst. 57 Classic in the neck, Burstbucker 3 in the bridge, both coil tapped stock. Grover locking tuners stock. Weight relieved rather than chambered (so it's a good hefty weight). 50's neck is a bit thick, but matches the heft of the guitar really well. Feels like a solid instrument, if that makes sense. Gloss finish on front, satin on the back and neck.


Anyway, I've been drooling over the Trad Pro for months, and have played on dozens of them in several Guitar Centers in several states trying to find the right one. Most of them rock the 60's neck profile, so this one really stuck out. Ironically, it was the first (and last) Trad Pro I tried.


Since I was going to a bunch of different stores, I tried to always play on something relatively similar to my Traynor YCV40WR, so for consistency's sake, I tried to always play through a Fender Blues Jr (seems like every GC has one on the floor). The result was always good, but that voice in the back of my head kept saying, "Dude, that sounds like your clean tone with the Epiphone LP and the Traynor." The instrument certainly FELT better, and I could make platitudes about sounding marginally better and whatnot, but the reality was that it wasn't $2K better... but I wanted my Gibson.


So on Wednesday, I brought my Traynor with me just to make sure. From the second I plugged in, I was astonished. There was THE TONE that I'd been trying to achieve through EQ, effects, and tube changes for so long... and all I did was set the EQ flat and plug in. 57 Classic was thick and full in HB mode and chimey in coil tap. Burstbucker was cutting and bright but still full in HB and VERY close to a Strat bridge pup in coil tap. Can't WAIT to see how this thing plays with my pedal board.


The bad part, of course, is that we're still trying to find a place to live in the new town with the new job, so the new guitar went into storage with my other instruments, just waiting for us to make the big move. As soon as I can, though, I'll sit down with the Trad Pro, take some better pictures, and do some demos.

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