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Nu Vintage 8bit Japanese Rack Double Delay with Analog Modulation Day (and a MIJ CS3)


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and I got a MIJ CS3 for $50. Not sure if I like it more than my CS-2. Its not bad, but its the same amount of noise as the CS2....


OK, I had one of these 2 years or so ago..but I got it cheap and the right side died right away, but the left side was great. I opened it and its got the panasonic chips for the mod. I assume this is about 87 or so, so its 8bit , maybe 12, but it sounds FANTASTIC!


Whats cool about this is its a 300ms with mod on one side, and 4 seconds on the right side. The right side also has hold, so its a 4 second looper, and on the back, it can be patched every which way but loose. it has a bunch of outputs, so you can patch the two delays into each other, or a stereo setup (with one side with mod). It was about $90.


I walked into a shop to ask about a couple of crusty mij boss things they had decaying in a case, but I had to sit and wait. So I sat for about 15 minutes, and as my eyes drifted around the room in boredom, I recognized the rack's shape on a high shelf. covered in 20 years wrap that had a bit of rust on it. I say it was fate. they also have a nib zoom rt-1000 or something like that, but i passed.


and the cs3, mij, black label...

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