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Hai Guyz!

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Hi akliner! Welcome to your own thread! I feel very good about this.

Diametro's been unbanned for a while now. But droolmaster0 still is.

I had been wondering what ever happened to you, but remembered you bought a new place and figured you were either busy moving or maybe you found yourself a significant other :idk:


Thanks! :wave:

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for me, I'm leaving.



hahaha, testosterone and mansweat? I just saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday, and believe you me, THAT was too much testosterone and mansweat :eek:


btw, they used a Fantom X7 and Microkorg.


but Family Force 5 stole the show with an 8-foot-tall functional MPC


what do you think akai would call that? the MPC 50000?

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