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first real gig!!


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Me and a couple of friends will be playing at Books a Million the night that Harry Potter comes out. We're all pretty excited. Me and the guy that I wrote "The Troubles of Mr. Meeget" with are writing original Harry Potter tunes. We've already gotten two and plan on having 5-6 and then playing other stuff that we've done together and stuff that I've done by myself. I wouldn't be surprised if none of you read Harry Potter but we're trying to come up with a name and I thought you guys might could help.


Some of the current ideas are


Moaning Murtle and the Magic Funk Bunch

The Wands

Sons of Snitches

Them Who Shall Not Be Named


Once we get all the songs done I'm going to record them and I'll upload it here for ya'll to hear and hopefully enjoy.


Thanks for any suggestions on the band names

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Sounds like a fun gig!


Think those Harry Potter songs will become part of your standard rep? It's an interesting niche... ;)


Maybe we need a thread on special event/topic/commemorative songs, here...


Offhand, the only one of my songs I can think that fits that was one I wrote to commemorate the sentencing of Manson-follower/wouldbe Gerald Ford-assasin Squeaky Fromme).

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