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Quick Heads Up: Soundclick Player now embed-able in MySpace, other pages


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Lots of good music hosting sites out there and many of us are on several. I'm on everyone from Soundclick to MySpace to Music.Download.com to RadioPlanet to the new incarnation of Mp3.com. This should NOT be construed as an endorsement or encouragement to sign up with any of them over another.



Maybe some of you have noticed a new text link in the Soundclick Player: embed player on mySpace


You can easily embed a customized version of the SC player on your MySpace page or any other web page where you can edit at least some of the HTML (web page code) for the page. [Not on most BB's though.]


The setup will generate a section of HTML code that can be cut and pasted straight into the INFO page for MySpace personal and band pages.


You can set it up to auto play, you can set up specific songs, or soundclick "stations" -- and you can even set use someone else's soundclick player.


Anyhow, here's the player embedded in a simple page: Simple demo of embedded player

[CAUTION: Since I'm too cool normally to ever use auto-play, I used this opportunity to indulge that thoroughly gauche feature.]



A nice thing about the Soundclick player is that even the free accounts are much hi-er fi than MySpace's (probable) 96 kbps streams, and the SC player is usually* quick going from one song to another, too, unlike the music media servers at some other music hosting sites I've visited.



Now... all that said, in order to balance out my enthusiasm above, I think I should throw this open to neat features at other music hosts.

Post your favorite features or just features others may not know about at SC or other host sites like music.download.com, Garageband, etc...



* I've noticed some sluggishness this morning... I'm wondering -- afraid, actually -- if maybe everyone noticing the embed-player thang and popping it into their M/S pages (etc) hasn't put a hit on SC's normally robust server farm. We'll see... maybe they bit off more than their infrastructure can chew.

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