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When you're drunk...

Jimmy Chaos

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You obviously need to say something you don't want to say when you're sober.


Of course, likely enough, you may have some very good reasons.



Try disguising it with metaphors...


Or go watch some TV and write a song in the moring. :D


Back in my drinkin' days I found hangovers to be a painful but productive time for songwriting. Maybe they're right that art loves mysery.


As I wrote in my blog a week or two ago:


There's something reassuring and familiar and --
get this
-- liberating -- in a hangover.

That's the way I used to feel.

Sometimes, even a decade and a half later, waking up sluggish (musta fell asleep with my face in the pillow again) I'll grasp my coffee mug with the sort of grimly firm grip of someone who thinks the still liquid morning might somehow melt through his fingers and end up a puddle on the kitchen floor.

A hangover, I found, was a great excuse. Not for bosses, maybe. And not always for girlfriends.

But when you stumbled out of bed, carefully putting one foot flatly in front of the other in that gravity-must-be-crazy-today walk of the seasoned, habitual drunk...
knew you were doing the best you could... just stumbling into the blinding morning light.

I miss that kind of certainty...

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