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Sei Bellissima


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i like the melody you're working with. nice. maybe the piano trills are a bit overdone, but that's taste. i have to say it again: the verse melody is sweet and very beautiful....innocent, if you will. there's real craft in it. i guess i should say i'm not the guy who's going to go out and buy music like this in the first place, so don't get down if i have taste issues with the piece.


that said, here's a few nits:

first, the accent feels unnatural. and if it is indeed a native italian speaker, he's not executing musically enough....those 'bellissima's" feel really second-languagey....and i suspect you're going to tell me he's native. hehehe. it's just not getting pronounced the way, let's say, placido or luciano, or even andrea bocelli would pronounce it out. the subtle beauty of that not-pause between double consonants....the over-emphasis of the accented syllables....that's the italian that lends itself to this type of music.


the other thing that always gets me is the string pad. it's a cliche, man. it just doesn't add any intimacy for me anymore...it's so overdone. any, and i mean ANY pop ballad that's aimed for the older demographic has strings....pedaling off of the tonic..........always.


also, i'm never going to be taken by the "star search" modulation of a step up. it's another overdone thing.


all in all, i'm not without my criticisms, but i'm still enchanted by the beauty and simplicity of that melody. it has DEFINITELY hit the nail on the head for what it seems you're trying to do....and in a very simple, beautiful way.

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