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The Daily Melodies April 14 - 18


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hey everybody


here are this week's Daily Melodies hot from the MP3 converters

















hope you like them - always interested to hear any feedback...



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I didn't want to say anything before. But I've listened to more than a few of your "Daily Melodies" and I have to say...



I hate you!


I just listened to today's track.


This is just too damn nice, too sweet, too complex to be part of something someone pumps out on a daily basis.


How does it feel to make a regular guy like me into something consumed with jealousy and envy? Huh?



Keep up the stellar work... it's... uh... stellar.



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ha ha... i'd like to say I feel bad, but you make me feel good!


I wouldn't say you're a regular guy though because regular blokes don't create music... and regular blokes don't appreciate music like songwriters do... and regular blokes don't support other songwriters in their passion either...


so there, you're not normal.




and thanks for listening man...

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Well, you got the key point in there. ;) Definitely not.


Striving for normalcy, as one of my high school pals used to dismiss our fellow classmates' headlong drive into the whitebread center of American culture (playing on the 1920 neologism of grammatically challenged president Warren Harding), was never my thang.


(Of course my anti-bougie buddy is now a highly paid corporate lawyer. Jokes on him, huh? :D )

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