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Check out my music (rock/hard rock)


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I am almost finished with about 6 demo songs. Check them out and leave feedback on here if you get a chance. Please critique everything from the structure to guitar tone.


The music is a little thrashy and a little sleazy. There are some different sounds in some of them. I sing on one, but my voice sucks so I don't plan on being a singer lol.


Don't be too critical. There are mistakes. There are things I could have done better, but I am no pro and don't know much about recording so these rough demos will have to do.


I still need to do guitar solos for a few of them.


Anyway, here's the link:




and they are on my MySpace, here:



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Hey, James


Sounds like you've got some hard rockin' tunes waiting for something to happen in the foreground (like a singer). I listened to Demo 1 and Demo 2. I think I preferred Demo 2; it was a little more varied and sounded a little more distinctive to my jaded ear. I wasn't entirely crazy about the arpeggiated, flanged guitar but I thought the idea was an okay one... but maybe with bass, to give it something kind of bubbling under the surface.


I'm a short song guy, so these songs feel somewhat long to me, but then, without singing or other foreground elements, perhaps that's to be expected.


Sounds like you're headed in the right direction. :)

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Since I don't hear any vocals and it's obvious you know what you're doing, I'll offer some things about the recordings that may help them sound better.


Demo 1...The double kick drum is WAY too prominent in the mix. I can't focus on anything else going on in the song.


Demo 2...Sounds like a good mix. Great guitar work.


Demo 3...Those drums again! Crazy beats...highly inventive...just tooooo loud! And I like my music loud...so that's saying something. And that driving double kick doesn't sound very natural...I'm assuming they are programed.


Demo 4...There are a few minor timing issues in this song...very minor, but I can pick them up. You're having a tendency to want to play faster than the beat. Just a FYI.


Demo 5...Almost reminds of Soundgarden a la Super Unknown. I dig it.

Although, the verses would be slightly trippier. The drums are still a little loud in the mix, but they sit better than the others.


Demo 6...Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers outtake. You have a very similar voice to Anthony Kiedis, but with less sock-balled confidence.



These critiques may not be what you're looking for, but I hope they help.

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Hey thanks man, you have a great ear.


The drums are programmed. Using EZ Drummer. I started the project with a drummer but he moved so I did all tracks with programed drums. I am not a drummer though, so I just built some drums that I thought fit the bill. I used double kicks a lot because I wanted to try and blend old sounding thrashy guitars with a more modern metal drum sound. I will revisit them and tone down the double kicks.


I also went into this not knowing anything about recording, so the mixes may be off. I think I made the drums a bit loud cause I am self conscious of my guitar playing and it's easy to hide mistakes behind fake drums lol.


Yes, I can hear the timing issues in 4 as well, mainly the acoustic at the beginning and a little on the beginning lead. Just something I would have to work out.


Damn your ear is good. Demo 5 wasn't intentionally ripped from Soundgarden, but as soon as I played the riff it reminded me of Spoonman, so much so that I pulled up the music for that tune and made sure it wasn't a direct rip off. The riffs are very similar.


6 was done quickly because I wrote the lyrics and wanted to go ahead and capture the moment. I am taking singing lessons but I just don't think I have the voice to really do my songs justice.


Thanks so much for the comments, they were great. I will take notes and make changes when I finally start putting a band together.

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