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SkyDiver (PoH)


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Hello everyone, it's been a while. I have been busy recording a lot of music, so you should see more of me around here. The reason I am posting today is that my band (photons on high) has released one of our new songs. I really want some opinions from some real musicians, it's a pretty simple song, but I hope people like it, I think it really shows off my bands progression from what we were on our first album, and what we are on our second album.


The song is called Skydiver and was written partially by me. I play bass and sing the chorus in the song. I really concentrated on the cleanness of the recording, trying to get each instrument in its own frequency band, and I believe I have succeeded. Let me know what you think, im dying to get some reviews.


You can listen here




Thanks again



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This is hooky as heck. I've come to expect a way with hooks from you and your crowd and this is no exception. Production sounds mostly really good. The rhythm of the piano figure that opens this sounds artificial and forced but the repetition seems to signal a sort of agro postmodernism, sort of saying, I know what I'm doing, see, I did it 6 times in a row. (Or whatever, I didn't count.) Anyhow, probably not a problem and maybe even a kind of hook. See, it's got people talking already. :D


[EDIT: I'm listening again and the intro piano figure ends up working great. I think. Anyhow, what a great little track! Loved the break; lots of great touches throughout!]


I liked the late 60s pop-bossa quality, sort of a poor man's Sergio Mendes, works great. What I caught of the lyrics (wasn't much) was intriguing. (I kept waiting for "into the ground" to follow the phrase "screwed yourself" -- I had a friend who "went in" as they say while skydiving and it's always colored my appreciation of that exciting but not entirely safe sport.)


Again, some really fine pop craftsmanship, overall!



(And I appreciate the relatively light touch with the vocal correction. Have you considered Melodyne? I understand it avoids some of the robo-chipmunk qualities that our buddies at Antares are so justly infamous for. Anyhow, mostly really minor. And most of the solo vocals seem refreshingly free of tune-artifacts and natural. I enjoy the singing where it sounds natural. Only noticed AT [or whatever you use] on solo vocals a couple times. Of course, with harmonies, the robo qualities become more apparent, the flattening of natural pitch dynamics as well as the 'perfectly' out of tune equal temperament harmony [good singers tend to use true harmony rather than the perennially out of tune equal temperament notes found on a keyboard; I wish vocal pitch correction software could take that into account. It might help some with ensemble correction]. Anyhow, enough about that. Minor ish.)

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