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Boy you guys are lucky!! another song just popped into my head !!

Dr. Tweedbucket

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Daisy Chained Day Dream




The River runs deep

Roadrunner goes beep beep

You may not care

how I wear

my hair. :idea:


Long snaggletooth robotic ghost

Make some cinnamon toast

Coffee is good

just like I knew

it would. :)


Graham Cracker Crackhead Grandma

I lost my Superball

Stocks are going down

I think that I am going

to frown :(


Rabbit Golf make up your mind

Leaky sunroof, oh THAT's just fine

Leaky pen washed in the machine

Instant Karma, its all

a dream :cry:


Grind the gearbox, warranty's out

Crank up an eight track, twist and shout

Crank up a crank but don't crank it too far

Your family can find you, down at

the bar :o


Last but not least, the mailman said

Telemarketer calls you, jump out of bed

Court TV, Sue anyone you can

Think about a meat loaf straight out of

a can :confused:

Straight out of

a can..... :mad:










......I worked on that one for almost 10 minutes......... :idea:

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