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bringing you another presentation


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:cop:One thread per track, yo.


I listened to this and then went to your other thread and whaddya know? Same track.



Anyhow, I tried to think of this as free styling but there just wasn't any meter or rhyme that I could discern. Also, your rapid, monotone delivery made it hard to make out the words.



I know you're a musician, what happened to your synth/experimental trance type stuff? (I mean, I'm assuming this is just a new spelling of Vladtra. Btw, having multiple posting names/identities here is against the BB rules. Obviously, you don't seem to be trying to sneak around or anything. Just a heads up in case someone else mentions it.)


Anyhow, welcome back to the forum. Don't be afraid to contribute to other folks' threads. As I think folks have pointed out before, while it's not a give-to-get thing, exactly, here, it is a lot easier to get feedback if folks know you're willing to give it in return.



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