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Biggest innovations in acoustic guitar in the last 10 years!


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Is an old tube amp and a 50 year old Strat better than brand new ones? You would think so based on the price they command. Maybe so, I cant say. People are skeptical of new stuff. Maybe because they got sold a bill of goods in the past. Remember those junky little foreign cars? It takes a while for stuff to catch on, be accepted after a rough start and get most of the bugs worked out.

Just my 2 cents.

Would have to disagree with your car analogy...those junky little foreign cars were junk.....I know, I was buying cars then. It took a while for their manufacturing technology to catch up. To relate that to guitars, I think trends dictate a lot into what kind of guitars are made. Repacking of the same old stuff. The real question is why we still demand the sound of the 50's, 60's etc. I wouldn't be caught dead in public with a Teisco del Ray, Silvertone, Kay, and many other "junk" guitars that were out in the 60's...pathetic construction, bad necks, bad fret jobs, bad electronics, etc. The reason they were less than $100 new. But today they are popular. That doesn't make them a better guitar.

Many have said it before....we have access to good all wood instruments today at all-time low prices....we should take of advantage of it.

Oh yeah, best innovation....probably the carbon guitars.

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Check out USPTO Patent # 10,777,172 on Google Patents. I think it might be a good idea to put two five foot long (exponential) folded horns inside an acoustic guitar. This provides more low end, and much greater volume, but the natural frequency range on the soundboard remains of course. The sound is captured by a microphone in the guitar, with a small amp and two speakers (compression chamber tuned to 89 Hz) that feed the horns. Closed speakers and divided chambers to prevent feedback. A pickup can be blended with this also, battery powered. Please provide comments, as all new products are dreams that need improvement.
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