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Norman st-40 . . . good beater?


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Hi Misha,

Not to belabor the point, but my instinct tells me had this guitar been a "SF" it would have been marked so. I really think "DEMO" means something else. I'm not trying to impugn your sources, but he could be mistaken, just as I could. It's really not that big a deal! Maybe someone can tell us definitively soon!


I agree with you, it might mean something else than "SF". The tech didn't state he was sure about it either! He told me that they didn't used to print "SF" on guitars in the past, then they started to put "F" (I think or is it "S" I don't remember...), then they went with "SF".

Anyway, you have a very good guitar and you got it at a great price!

That's what is important! ;)

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Hi folks;

just wanted to share my latest treasure with y’all. Acquired a ‘82 Norman “B” series, s/n 29109, model ST 40 HGS.  DEMO.

I was able to contact someone at Godin who said Demo means exactly that, sometimes the sales guys needed a sample in order to sell more to store owners, or often were on display at shows (like NAMM).  I  think the ST designation is for ‘studio’, but I am open to being corrected, and he said the HGS indicated high gloss. I used the serial # to date the guitar which appears to be about 1982. 
it’s in v/g shape for a 38 y.o. cedar top and mahogany sides/back. Bone saddle and nut. Bolt-on neck with Allen key set screws and looks like plastic tortoiseshell binding. Complete with OHSC which needed a little TLC duct tape for the bottom.

Appears to need just a little cleaning up on the fingerboard to remove grunge and dirt, and a little sanding and polishing of frets to remove small indents on first 3. 
just wondered if anyone could enlighten me as to a ballpark price point? Or is there anyone who wants to become the new owner before it undergoes the cosmetic changes?

am willing to consider fair offers (key word: consider + fair)🙂

will start re-humidifying today. Not sure how to submit photos, but will ASAP.

Merry Christmas , BILL.


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