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More HDDs - where to put audio stuff?

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Can anyone help me with this?
I have three physical HD drives. The first one (primary master) is system and non-audio programs. The second one (secondary slave) is for documents and there is one 10GB partition created for temporary audio data (Sonar project folder), the third one (secondary master) is intended for sample libraries. I basically need to find place for this stuff:
1) audio projects (under development)
2) audio progs (Sonar and plugins)
3) huge sample libraries
What do you think is the most efficient way of organizing them? What would you suggest for the best possible performance?
Is it ok to put audioappz to another partition on the system disk?
Thanks in advance for any comments!

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Here's what I have...


I'm doing something similar...


1st drive is OS, software, other misc docs


2nd drive is samples/loops/etc


3rd is what I drag everything to for backup. I'm not doing anything more than recording a track at a time, so I record to the primary drive and back it up to the 3rd drive.


The second and third drive I have on their own controller card.


I don't have any hd's as slaves. Only the rom drives are slaves.


I would really like to put a fourth drive in there, but I'm all out of power.

3 hd's, 2 rom drives, and the floppy have all my feeds from the power supply

used up.


I absolutely never use the floppy but I'm still reluctant to pull it out. I'm sure I'll need it as soon as I do.


Right now I have a 2 60 gigs and a 20gig.


I want to replace these with (3) 120 gig drives. Once I do that and max my ram, this machine will be as tweaked as it can get.


I still need to put in a firewire card I have sitting here. When I get that in, I'll probably get an external to back-up to and use the third hd for the audio drive.

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Master 1-OS and applications, remaining space (no more than 80% of drive capacity) for redundant backup.

Slave 1-Sample library and backup.

Master 2- Audio files.

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