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Modular manufactured guitars...a trend is starting...maybe..

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  • Modular manufactured guitars...a trend is starting...maybe..

    Down doing my Hall E Crawl again, looking for product that is not in stores yet, and came across two interesting aluminum based modular guitar builders.
    The first, Somnium [Latin for dream, IIRC my 11th grade Latin] [] is a neck/core construction of aluminum, with modularized fingerboards [yes, maple or rosewood, scalloped, flat, arced..], modularized pickups [hummers, singles, mixed and invertable!] and modular controls [tele, strat, etc] and modular body 'wings' [Tele, explorer, etc.]. So rather than buying 20 guitars [like some people ], you buy one core wit the neck profile you like, and then 'build' as many different guitars on that framework as you need. I will be interviewing the CEO of Somnium on Sunday, pics and report to follow.
    The second is Oz Guitar Works [], with a different approach to the modular methodology. Oz uses a cast aluminum body core, to which you can attach the headless neck [or necks] of your preference, install a modular pickup set, and modular control set, with the potential [there is no demo unit on the show floor as of today, hopefully one will arrive before the end] for active electronics, [like a pre-amp with rechargeable battery] to be contained inside the body cavity. One of the interesting aspects is that they are 'reinventing the bridge assembly so that there is no baseplate, and the string guides are in direct contact with the body casting. I will be talking to their guru Sunday as well.
    Is this the future of guitars? Time will tell.
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    I ran across another one in Hall E from Pons Guitars that has the neck, pickups, controls, bridge, and headstock in one unit, and an assortment of body shapes that this drops into. So you could change the body shape or color to suit the song, without changing the sound of the guitar,

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      I will be checking out Pons tomorrow...I found them on my way out as the show was closing last night...
      Looking quickly, their concept is interchangeable bodies, so you would have to love the neck...
      so much little time, as I have to drive to Anaheim from north of LA.
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    If OzGuitarWorks expects to be successful, one would expect the company to at least have a populated website to expand upon the NAMM presentation. The website doesn't even have product photographs.
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      They don't have a working unit at the show...I agree they jumped the gun, but the concept is still of interest.
      This happens a lot with some of the Hall E guys...two of last year's 'enterpreneurs' that I was interested in didn't have working models available. One of them, whom I reported on, is not here this year...I'm guessing he still doesn't have one working.