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Good Delay for Minimal Echo AND ambient washes?

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  • Good Delay for Minimal Echo AND ambient washes?

    Hey all--

    I am on the search for a delay that can sit behind a guitar solo AND create ambient washes that don't spin out of control until I want them to.

    I'm going to a big music store this weekend to try a Dunlop Echoplex and a Caroline Kilobyte, but until then, does anybody have recommendations? I've heard good things about Subdecay's Echobox and Anamesis.

    Trails are preferred, but not required. I really don't like clicky repeats a la the Carbon Copy!!

    What say you?
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    Sounds to me like you want and echo and reverb for that, or a unit that combines both.
    The wash comes more from the reverb then the echo but it does depend on the number or repeats.
    If you try and do it with only echo, you risk creating a feedback loop.


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      Seconded. Delay alone will good for echo but doing an ambient wash in one unit is going to be expensive - less expensive would be a delay into a reverb or something like an Ocean Machine which is a delay into a reverb into a delay.
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