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Lots on noise when connected to PC, need help pls

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  • Lots on noise when connected to PC, need help pls

    Hello everyone,

    I want to start by saying I am very new to the concept of connecting my guitar to my PC for recording, amp and fx sim, etc. I have a 1992 Peavey Predator which is a Strat clone with single coil pickups.

    I am plugging my guitar into my line in on my PC (I know this isn't the way to do it but bare with me) and I get pretty much nothing. However, when I connect my phone to it and play music it works fine. I assume this is cause the passive guitar isn't strong enough to drive the line in?

    So I hooked it up to my MIC in and it works. I can get sound through the PC clean, no issues. Again, I know this isn't the way to do it but I'm getting there.

    What I am finding is that when using pretty much anything, whether it be Amplitube or Rocksmith 2014 with the no cable patch or whatever... I get ALOT of noise when using distortion etc when I am NOT playing. The moment I strike a string, the noise isn't noticeable. As the string vibration slowly slows down and the volume of the note decreases... the noise slowly returns until the note is done and the noise has taken its place.

    Now, I know that I should be using an audio interface for this... I'm not really sure WHY I need an audio interface that goes through USB but I know everyone says you need one.

    My question is, does this sound like something that would be fixed completely with an audio interface? Is that my problem that is causing this?

    I also have heard about DI boxes and I dont know if I need that or not. If it isn't necessary I would like to not use it.

    I can basically buy a cheap interface if I need to... probably a Uphoria UM2 or a Scarlett 2i2 used. I just wanted to ask before doing it cause if I do so and this noise is still there, I'm gonna pull my hair out.

    The other thing is I can plug into my amp with my multi fx pedal and I don't have this issue so I don't think its a ground problem with the guitar... possibly with the PC though I dunno. The PC is hooked up to a UPS, not sure if it matters.

    I'd appreciate some advice... if anyone is wondering why I would use Rocksmith 2014 without the cable, its cause the digital version obviously doesn't come with it and I figured since I want to use amp sim software also, I may as well just spend the money on an interface and use that for everything.


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    It would help with an interface, but the big issue is the single coil pickups, and the monitor. Singles are noisy to begin with, and add a monitor, well, buzz is the issue. There shouldn't be an issue running the guitar thru the mic input. I find the best results are with a mixer and an interface. (I have a cheap as dirt Behringer USB to RCA.) Works perfectly, and if I turn away and stay a few feet from the monitor, even the noisiest of singles can be dealt with.
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