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  • How to draw people to your website?

    Hi everyone

    I'm currently in the state of investing time into making my website interesting to my current and future fans. I want to try different things like vlogs, blogs, regular updates of pics etc. and I was wondering if any of y'all have had some prior experience with what works and what doesn't?
    What are the most efficient ways to draw people to your website and keep them coming back?

    It seems like it's easier to connect with people on sites like Facebook etc. and also to keep their attention. I'm afraid that by trying to guide people to my website in order to get the music, I'll lose a lot of potential downloads, simply because "it's too much work" for them.

    So how do you do it?

    thank you for your time and answers!


    Mark Harboe

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    I recently overhauled my website to make it a lot simpler and cleaner. It was already fairly easy to access content, but I've made it even more basic. A lot of people have complimented me on how I've kept my website like that, as opposed to all the bells and whistles with using Adobe DreamWeaver like everyone and their mother.

    I'm not sure how to draw new people in, but to keep them coming back, update at least once a week. If you can do it more, maybe even daily, that will get more people to check out your page. People will often check in a few times during the week to see if anything has changed. I used to let people know with an "Updated [month]-[day]-[year]" area, but I thought it looked a bit passé, so I removed it.

    After looking at a few professional musician websites (as in major recording artists), I thought I would keep the front page very simple and direct. A professional photo of me performing onstage. An area that tells people where I'm playing next in big letters. Big links to Facebook and Myspace right on the page, even though they are available as links at the top of the page.

    People like simplicity and not to have to think too much. The easier you make it for them to get to the content, the better. Blogger is a perfect example of this, because you can look at past archived content on the side column and the current information is right there at the top of the page. I'm all for "how can I find what I need fast?" when it comes to the internet. It hearkens back to my dial-up days when I wanted to maximize my time. Even though I have broadband now, I still have that mindset and I think a lot of other people do too.
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      There's a great book that's worth a look too: 'Neuro Web Design' by Susan Weinschenk
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        Yep, I'd go with nudity.

        In all honesty, you have to hold their interest for more than 5 seconds and generate enough interest that you get repeat visits. Unique art experiences, music, or some other experience you can't get on facebook. (or just go with nudity....)


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          The way i have made my site successful to get traffic is by using facebook and youtube as promo tools. Also i added very elegant and unique graphic designs to make my site more appealing. Here is my site


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            Believe it or not, joining community websites can help. They provide links to your own website, song and video uploading, tour schedules, etc. MySpace is probably currently the best (but that may change soon). Some of the problems with it though are the terrible navigation and all the *#@*ing ads. If you arent already known, the odds of a prospective fan discovering you on MySpace are practically nil. There is a new 'music-only' community website being developed now by an independent musician with little backing and alot of time (I wonder who that could be) that offers alot of tools for DIY musicians, touring help, music and video uploading, video editing, contests and tons of other stuff to help bands build a larger fanbase and sell their merch on the site too. Its called Gig With It ( www.gigwithit.com ) and will be launched soon. It's a great site for record labels and live music clubs, too because they can create their own online venue. You can contact me here at HC if you want to know more.
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            • Joseph Kimbrell
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              Nice, 3 year bump.  And now its certainly not MySpace being the best anymore!


              I have gotten most traffic to my site through Facebook and Twitter.  Just for the he** of it, I tried a cheap service once that got guaranteed traffic to my site.  The only thing it helped was adding numbers in my Google Analytics.  It did absolutely nothing otherwise. 

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            • Dave Keir
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              A previous poster noticed your post is 3 years old. Why don't you come back and tell of your learning and experience since then?

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            A mailing list is the key. As you post new stuff (news, pictures, gig stories, music) you send out a notice to your list with links back to the things you updated. You can get  people on your list by giving them a free download for their email address.

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              If you want to draw people to your website and keep them coming back, you need to provide useful information to the people from  your website.


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                Use the adWords keyword tool to come up with search friendly titles for you videos and posts so that people find you in Google.


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                  I've heard the more realted links you can add to your site, the better. The idea being that people hitting those other sites will see yours as well. Good luck


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                    You can add a podcast or a blog like I did . I have to update them more often


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                      i'd use Paint and a tablet.
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                        Commit several crimes and be apprehended for at least one. Then encourage your backers to post in your defense on your site


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                          Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...

                          Write Something, or Drag and Drop Images Here...


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                            interesting post, and its got me thinking about my website now?

                            definately agree with the keep it simple stupid. there are websites i love, but only go so far simply because of the overload of content, confusing the layout...

                            also loved the above idea of a podcast. or maybe a weekly 2minute video on your youtube, keeping your interested parties uptodate on your doing's...

                            networking of-course on wonderfull forums like this one also help you get noticed and attention, but still make yourself relevant and interesting. post your songs or clips, get reviewed and offer something they might want, but need to goto your website to get it...

                            anyway, good luck, and when you get the magic formula, let us all know lol...
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