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Stolen guitar in NY

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  • Stolen guitar in NY

    Hey all, my good buddy and oft collaborator Johnnie Wang had a guitar stolen from his Jeep on Christmas eve, when he was parked outside the Briarwood Apartments in New Paltz, NY (80 or so miles north of NYC).

    This was Johnnie's franken-guitar--the one he honed his modding chops on (literally and figuratively) so it is in fact an incredibly easy guitar to ID. Read below. Johnnie's a great guy and a great, unique player. We're all heartbrpoken for him here.

    '69 Reissue Made in Japan Telecaster Thinline


    B5 Bigsby - that's the big shiny metal thingy on the bottom of the guitar.
    LSR Roller Nut - you can see it in the headstock picture
    2 Drill Holes - on the back of the headstock directly behind the neck. I ****************ed up trying to drill a cheaper roller type nut and accidentally drilled through the neck. You can barely see it in the picture.
    Fralin Stock Tele Pickups - great sounding pickups that I installed myself.

    I put a lot of money and time into this guitar and there's a $100.00 reward for any information leading to it's recovery.

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    Hopefully he gets it back and it didn't go to a fence, if it's kids, check the local music stores and clubs. I haven't seen my 68 Tele since 1984(stolen in Montreal out of our truck). Good luck.
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      Best of luck to him in recovering his axe.

      I was once at a party/jam. My first steel string dread had been stolen a few weeks before and I felt lost without a guitar but most everyone was better than me there, so, it was kind of moot.

      At one point I'm by the front door and a guy walks in with my guitar case (I immediately saw a recognizable tear in the tolex).

      I immediately went to the host and whispered, "Some guy just walked in with my stolen guitar." He said he knew the people and he thought they were OK so he pulled them aside and we had a pow wow.

      Turned out his GF's used clothing shop had bought the guitar for $50 and she'd given it to him for Valentine's day.

      I said, I'll give you the $50 right now and he said, No way, she gave it to me for Valentine's day.

      The girl said she had the bad guy's name and driver's license number at her shop -- turned out it was only the name and the name was, like, Joe Smith, or something.

      I called the cops and they didn't want to get involved. (The LB cops in those days were serious donut-eaters and bum-beaters but that was about all.) I said aren't there laws against buying stolen property and they said, well, it's your word against hers. I said, but she and I don't disagree about anything except whether or not they'll sell me my guitar back for what they bought the stolen property for. The cops said, well, why don't you try to work it out with them. Thanks, ossifer.

      I had to see my old guitar at jams for months after that... so near and yet so far.

      The capper was this big romance broke up and the guy and his "Valentine's Day" guitar (MY guitar under any reasonable interpretation of the law!) moved away...

      It wasn't a great guitar but, damn it, it was my first "real guitar" and it was sentimental to me, too.

      Next time will be different.

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        next time, do what SRV did, and put your initials on it.


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          For an acoustic, why not put an address label inside? Then you can reach in and peel it out to prove it is your guitar. Or use a diamond etcher, like the one used on car glass or bicycles, to put some sort of id (last 4 digits of SS#?) somewhere on the back of the guitar?
          Sometimes the answer is in the clue.

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            This, BTW, is the stolen guitar in question. I've played it. It is wicked and alive. I hope it devours its thief.


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              I'm a local yokel. Although I'm no longer active on the gigging scene (such as it is), I'll keep an eye out for that guitar.

              It bothers me to think about stuff like that happening in our town... although really, I shouldn't be shocked. A couple of years ago, my car was stolen from right behind my house--in the middle of a snow storm, no less! It turned up about 20 miles away, totally trashed. There were no valuables to speak of in the car, and no parts were removed, so it was a crime of pure malice.