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Playing pre-recorded tracks on stage

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  • Playing pre-recorded tracks on stage

    Hope this is the best forum to post this. I play keys in a pro band and we use recordings for our introduction as well as in between some songs for filling dead air while we do guitar and personnel changes. I've been using iTunes on a Macbook pro, and triggering with a remote app on my iPhone, and have had some serious issues. At the last gig it froze and I had to reboot onstage! I wasn't able to play several recordings and I was extremely embarrassed! I need a very reliable way to play Wav or Mp3 files into the house. Suggestions please!
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    There are a lot of options, but what about something like a TASCAM or Zoom hand-held recorder? They're reliable and sound great. TASCAM in particular has two hand-held recorders you can control wirelessly via iPhone or iPad if the recorder itself is not in a convenient place.
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      Why not just use the iPhone by itself? I use mine for playing mp3 songs between sets and I have DJ'd a couple of weddings using nothing but an ipad straight into my PA. The trick is to setup a playlist or playlists prior in iTunes on the computer and sync them to the device. Just be sure to put the phone in 'airplane mode' that will stop it from getting phone calls everything goes to voicemail.


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        I do shows where there is pre recorded music that I manage from FOH. I used to use iTunes but someone showed me QLab which I find works much better in live situations.

        I believe that QLab 2 is free now that version 3 is released but it does not work on El Capitan or later.
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