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    I have aquired an old markhoppus bass from a friend which I'm so excited about, but the reason he was so willing to give it to me is because the body is totally trashed. I just bought a new pickguard, but man the body is good for nothing. There is truly no hope for it. I figured I could get a warmoth body. When I emailed them to see if I could do it they said they needed the custom pickup spacing of the 2011 reverse split pickups on it. I figured well what the hell if I'm gonna get custom spacing I might as well put something stupid like a music Man pickup in there, but I don't want to cut into the pickguard. Now I don't actually know if the traditional spacing of one even reaches the pickguard, but if it does I would like to know a spacing that would provide a very similar tone, without having to modify the pickguard. So if you guys know the measurements fron the neck pocket, that would be lovely.

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    Are you talking about a passive MM style humbucker plus a P-Bass pickup? If so, there should be enough room to route the body to accommodate the MM pickup between the edge of the pickguard and the bridge. I'd be more concerned about spacing from the bridge rather than the neck pocket. How it will sound and whether the two will work well together is another story. And you'll need to wire it for a concentric volume pot, or two volume no tone, or find another place for the jack.
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