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  • DW 2000 Tambourine Pedal

    By Dendy Jarrett |

    DWTambourinePedal.jpgExpert Review:

    DrumWorkshop – DW 2000 Series Tambourine Pedal

    A drum pedal that's not just for drummers!

    by Dendy Jarrett



    About DW


    DW (Drum Workshop) began as a drum school in 1972; in 1977 they purchased tooling from Camco Drum Co. to re-introduce the 5000 bass drum pedal. And from there, they've made history throughout the past four decades. Their facility and drum plant is located in Oxnard, California, where they produce the majority of their drums (right here in the USA). DW is now are one of the top drum companies in the world.


    A New Twist —

    A bass drum pedal that’s not


    This pedal immediately intrigued me. It’s a bass drum pedal that is, well … not. Because I not only play a drum set but also spend time as a percussionist, my mind started exploring the diverse options this unique pedal offers.

    Based on their popular DW 2000 series bass drum pedal foundation, this pedal has a crescent tambourine mounted where the usual bass drum beater would mount. And where the typical bass drum pedal would mount to a bass drum, there's a rod that extends and holds a neoprene/rubber block upon which the tambourine strikes when you play the pedal. The result is a free-standing pedal that doesn’t need to be attached to anything to be used.



    A drum pedal that’s not just for drummers


    What I really like about this pedal is the vast numbers of applications.


    DRUMSET — The resource section below, links to a video of Gregg Bissonette using this tambourine pedal with a drum set. The most basic use is to play it with your hi-hat foot and replace the normal hi-hat pattern. I was able to develop patterns that felt comfortable for me; rocking the pedal creates an eighth- note pattern that works great and sounds natural in most musical applications. You’ll note that Gregg takes it further, into ostinato patterns and beyond.


    PERCUSSION SET UP — This application is where the pedal really proved itself to me. I was able to use it while playing conga, so it really did appear (aurally) as if I was two different people playing. It filled a great void in songs where tambourine would be an asset to the music, but both of my hands were otherwise involved in conga patterns. 

    This pedal fills a myriad of possibilities just between drum set and percussion set-ups, but this next area came as a surprise for me.


    SINGER/SONGWRITER SET UP — As I am based in Nashville, and already play in a regular round of singer/songwriter circles, when many fellow musicians saw this pedal and heard the patterns you can create with it, most considered it a giant breakthrough for the acoustic guitar player in a coffee house/songwriter round. Many of these acoustic guitarists are playing solo situations, with just the singer and his/her guitar. Although they typically don’t have the resources to bring along a drummer/percussionist, this pedal allows them to add a rhythm to their acoustic guitar set-up easily. If you can keep tempo with your foot, you can play this tambourine pedal.

    This is a market I'm not even sure DW has considered, but it sure caused a stir within my singer/songwriter circles.



    Give it a jingle


    In my over 30  years as a player, I have seen many “contraptions” invented in which the inventor thought, “Hey, this is a great idea.” For many, the great idea is simply the fact that they created it; for others, it's often gimmicky snake oil. Neither is the case with the DW 2000 Tambourine Pedal. It's a legitimate add-on item that can enhance the drum set player, percussionist and acoustic guitar singer/songwriter/solo player. It can take a few minutes to work it into your playing, but surprisingly, can come very naturally for most. You’ll soon be able to use the pedal even with dynamics as you learn to control the force of your foot. And most surprisingly with a street price around $120.00, it's affordable. This pedal has become a regular part of my setup for both drum set and percussion, and I think it will for you as well. You have to give this DW2000 Tambourine Pedal a jingle (yep, I had to go there).




    DW’s Official Website

    DW’s Pedal Page






    To Purchase the DW 2000 Series Tambourine Pedal from Musician’s Friend


                                                                   MSRP:   $199.99

                                                  Musician’s Friend: $119.99


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