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    Anyone have any more information on these guitars? Pros/cons?
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    There's a guy on YouTube that appears to have one.

    When I first started listening to his songs it was a bit jangly, but it started sounding really good so I asked him about it. He said he put on medium gauge strings. Made a huge difference.
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      I own an ovation and I love it. That said, I had to play a bunch of them before I found one that i liked.

      I bought mine a long time ago, but when I was searching I did not like the celebrity series. All of the ones that I played at guitar center (the celebrities) sounded sub par. It wasn't till i sat down with one that was not celebrity (USA made) at a different guitar store that i actually wanted it.
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        I own 3 Ovations, my first was a 1994 Celebrity Deluxe CC257. A very nice guitar. Super Shallow body, Spruce laminated top, Rosewood fretboard, MIK. A good guitar and plays very well.

        A mid bowl will give you better projection, but will take some getting used to if you sit to play. Plugged in... Hmmmmm, Nice!

        For $400, you can find an excellent used one on ebay or the OvationFanClub.com. Get an older USA made model: Balladeer, Elite, or Legend. Many new lower end models that were made in the USA are now being made overseas.

        My other two:
        2007 Elite 1868T (my favorite)

        1995 Balladeer 1751 12-string (from ebay for $163)
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