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Is the Rodriguez Caballero 11 worth the price?


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  • Is the Rodriguez Caballero 11 worth the price?

    I'm not as knowledgeable when it comes to nylon string guitars. I've been interested in nylon strings for a while, but have yet to get one. Is this one worth the price?:


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    Opinions will vary, but I am unimpressed with all of the Rodriguez models under $700. I also don't like the Cordoba models in the sub $700 range. I spent a lot of time shopping for classical guitars.

    Yamaha makes the best classical guitars in the sub $500 range. Godin's La Patrie classical guitars come in a very close second.


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      I don't like the Rodriguez models that are below the C or C3 (those are the A, B and Caballeros). Even so, I think these guitars are overpriced.

      I think the 2007 Cordoba Iberia models (which are under $700) which are made in China are better than the pre-2007 Iberia models which were sloppily made in Portugal. These are completely different guitars if you look inside. However, quality control is not as good as LaPatrie or Yamaha so I'd prefer to play before I buy. I wouldn't rule them out completely.

      +1 on the Yamahas and LaPatries. I'd have more confidence buying a Yamaha without having played it ... but I still strongly prefer to play before I buy.

      My order of recommendation for $250 nylon stringed guitars bought new:
        For your information, I don't LIKE guitars, I LOVE them. And if I DON'T love them then I won't KEEP them!


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          BTW - I picked up a C-4 in Madrid about 14 years ago, but I can't find any information anywhere on a C-4. Can anyone tell me about it or where I can find info on a Manuel Rodriguez Caballero C-4. It is numbered: 000478


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            I also bought a manuel rodriques caballero c 4
            Do you know more about this guitar?


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              Necronomicon or a second attept to raise the dead...