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Guild: Bridge Pull Up With A Twist

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  • Guild: Bridge Pull Up With A Twist

    A year and a half ago I noticed I could slide paper slightly under the edges of my Guild DV52 bridge.  Last week I took her in

    to my luthier John Lynch and he confirmed the bridge was pulling up.  I received my guitar back yesterday and

    Mr. Lynch informed me my bridge had been re-glued before, when he removed the bridge the wood underneath was "chewed up",

    and  it look like someone had scrapped the old glue under the bridge off and glued the bridge back.

    I told him , the only someone who could've done this was Guild. I've never had any issues with my guitar she had been properly 

    humidified and kept in her case when not in use. So in essence I purchased a B-Stock guitar (2001) full price. Its water 

    under the bridge. I'm not pleased but I will be writing Guild a formal letter informing of this; I regret John didn't take pictures but

    he assumed I had been aware.

    Westerly Guild Guitars - Website

    My goal was/is to be "Campfire Good".

    What's "campfire good"? I've been around some campfires where the players were pretty good.

    So if that is "campfire good"...and that is my goal...Then I guess I'll stick to "candle good" until I improve...

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    MY 70s 000 was like that. It's a total **bleep**, but I still love it.


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      WTF is that **bleep** bleeb thing that pops up ever so often?